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If you are currently experiencing severe pain in one tooth or in your gums or jaw, Precision Dental is the best source of help for your dental issues. We will work with you to determine the cause of your pain and resolve it quickly. Our team is committed to the highest standards of dental excellence and will provide you with the treatment you need to stay healthier and to enjoy a brighter smile for years to come.

What Is a Root Canal?

Root canals are procedures designed to resolve problems with infections and injuries to the pulp of your tooth. The pulp consists of the tissue, nerves and blood vessels that are located inside the tooth enamel. When an infection occurs in this part of your tooth, it can cause severe pressure on nerve endings, resulting in a severe toothache. Working with a qualified root canal dentist is the best option for dealing with these painful dental conditions.

When Are Root Canals Necessary?

Infections or injuries to the pulp or roots of your teeth can produce a wide range of symptoms.

  • Pain is usually the first sign of trouble for patients who need root canals. Pain that persists for hours or days, or severe pain that wakes you up from sleep, are both signs that you should schedule an appointment to be seen by a dentist at Precision Dental.
  • Sensitivity to pressure or to hot or cold foods may also indicate that an injury or infection may be present in your tooth.
  • Swellings or bulges in your gum near the tooth in question can be signs of an infection or abscess.

If you need a root canal procedure, our dentists will discuss the process with you at length and will give you the information you need to make the right decision for your dental health.

What Types of Dentists Perform Root Canals?

A dentist who specializes in root canals and other oral surgery procedures is known as an endodontist. If we cannot do your procedure in our office because of its complexity or other factors that may complicate the situation, Precision Dental will refer you to an endodontist who can perform your dental root canal and give you the best possible results.

How Are Root Canals Performed?

The steps in the process for root canals are relatively simple and straightforward:

  • First, you will be given general or local anesthesia and numbing to eliminate any pain during the procedure.
  • Your tooth will be shielded and isolated from other teeth to keep the area of your procedure clean.
  • An opening will be made through the crown of your tooth using a drill.
  • All pulp, infected material, nerve endings and other substances will be removed from the inside of the tooth and its roots. The entire area inside your tooth will then be flushed with a fluid to disinfect and to clear away any traces of infection or particles of dental material.
  • Your dentist will fill the empty space inside your tooth with gutta-percha to provide resilient and durable stability.
  • A root canal crown may also be applied on a temporary or permanent basis after your procedure is complete.

We will provide you with detailed instructions on caring for your teeth after your root canal and will typically schedule a follow-up visit within a few weeks to make sure the issue has been resolved.

Types of Root Canals

Along with standard root canals, two of the most common procedures we perform at Precision Dental are apicoectomies and pediatric pulpotomies:

  1. An apicoectomy is performed to remove the tip of a tooth’s root when previous treatments have failed to resolve infections or pain associated with injuries to the root of a tooth.
  1. Pediatric pulpotomy procedures are designed for children who still have their primary teeth. During these procedures, the pulp of the baby tooth is removed while leaving the nerves in place to promote the correct development of healthy adult teeth later on.

We will discuss the right options for you and your family during your visit to our office.

What Does a Root Canal Cost?

At Precision Dental, we know that dental care costs can be of concern to our patients. We work with you to determine the most practical and cost-effective solutions for your needs and your budget. By making an appointment with us, you can be sure that you will receive the best care possible at the most affordable prices.

Why Consider Dental Root Canal Treatment?

If you need a root canal, the dental team at Precision Dental will be happy to work with you to quickly resolve your dental issues. Call our office today at (480) 359-3162 to schedule your appointment. We look forward to having the opportunity to serve you.

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