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Do you worry about your conventional dentures slipping when you eat, speak or laugh? Continue reading to discover how implant dentures can change how you feel about wearing dentures. You can also schedule a consultation with our dentist to discover if you are a good candidate for the procedure.

What Are Implant-supported Dentures?

Conventional dentures rest on your upper or lower gum. The set of fake teeth are held in place by suction when they fit perfectly, but most people need denture adhesive to keep them in place. They can be uncomfortable because the gums absorb the chewing force and they may shift out of place. Implant-supported dentures snap onto the tops of dental implants, which act as artificial tooth roots. The implants can’t more around in your mouth; so your dentures never slip. Additionally, the implant absorbs the chewing force like a root, so eating feels more natural.

How Do Dentists Place Implant-supported Dentures?

Your dentist will help you decide if a bar-retained or ball-retained implant denture is the best option for you. Bar-retained dentures rest on a bar held in place by implants and ball-retained dentures have sockets which attach to balls on top of the implants. There’s no significant difference between these two types in appearance or comfort.

The procedure is basically the same for both types. Your dentist surgically implants posts into your jawbone. You have to wait several months for the bone to grow around the post and secure it in place. Once this occurs, you’ll return and your dentist will expose the top of the implants to put on the attachments that will hold the dentures. The last step is attaching your custom made denture. The process is longer than getting conventional dentures, but most patients feel the results are worth the wait.

Occasionally, patients that have been living with missing teeth for years will not have enough jawbone left to securely hold implants. This does not automatically disqualify a person from getting dentures supported by implants, but it adds another step to the process. Your dentist will discuss a bone graft with you, which is the process of adding artificial bone material to your jaw to hold the implant.

How Much Can I Expect Implant-supported Dentures to Cost?

The price for our affordable, quality implant-supported dentures varies as each patient has unique needs. Your specific implant-supported dentures cost will depend on whether you need any work, such as extractions or a bone graft, prior to getting your implants, the quality of the dentures you choose and more. Better quality dentures have a more natural appearance.

The cost of denture implants is an investment in your smile and your overall oral health since implants can halt jawbone deterioration. If you call to schedule a consultation, our dentist can go over your estimated cost after accessing your unique situation. If the upfront cost is a concern, ask your dentist about possible credit or financing options.

How Are Implant-supported Dentures Better than Traditional Dentures?

Implant-supported dentures have many advantages over traditional dentures, including:

  • They are more comfortable
  • Implants keep your jawbone from deteriorating
  • They don’t slip while you’re speaking
  • You can eat foods traditional denture wearers struggle with, such as apples or steak
  • They don’t click when you speak
  • Implants help your face retain its youthful shape
  • Eliminates gum irritation and sores

Many of our patients say they also have more self-confidence. They don’t worry about their dentures slipping during a job interview or while yelling at a ball game. Life is easier when they don’t have to worry about their smile or speaking.

How Do I Clean My Implant Dentures?

You’ll clean the dentures and the connectors on top of the implants every morning and night with a soft brush. If you keep your mouth clean, your implants will last for many years, far longer than conventional dentures. Our dentist or dental hygienist will show you how to clean your dentures and explain what type of brush to use so your smile always looks fresh and bright.

You still need to make regular dental appointments with implant-supported dentures, even though they are a long-term solution. Your dentist will want to check your gum health, your jaw and your dentures. He or she will also want to make sure you’re cleaning them properly and the attachments are not wearing out.

Why Should I Consider Implant-supported Dentures?

If you’re looking for a comfortable denture, our implant-supported dentures in Gilbert may be the ideal solution for you. If you’re unhappy with missing teeth or your current dentures, contact our dental office and request a consultation. We would love to explain how our affordable, quality implant-supported dentures can eliminate the common problems associated with regular dentures.

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