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Bright, healthy smiles don’t just happen. You’ll need to both practice good oral care at home and see a dentist every six months to maintain your oral health. Regular visits to a dentist for a preventative exam can also catch issues while they are small and still reversible.

What Is a General Dentist?

General dentists are primary dental care providers, serving both children and adults. They are the most common type of dentist, with a high percentage of practitioners classifying themselves as general dentists. If you are looking for a qualified, experienced general dentist, give us a call today to schedule a consultation.

What Does a Dentist General Practice Do?

General dentists perform preventative services, such as exams and restorative treatments, such as filling cavities. Their goal is to keep their patients in optimal oral health for the duration of their life. General dentists can also perform cosmetic procedures. A general dentist will refer patients to specialists when necessary.

What Are Typical General Dentistry Services?

General dentistry services include, but are not limited to:

Tooth Repair & Replacement

Tooth repair or replacement can consist of filling cavities, strengthening a weak tooth with a crown or replacing a missing tooth with a bridge or dental implant.


Crowns are caps that fit over broken, discolored or weak teeth to protect the tooth and restore its appearance and function.

Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain crowns are the gold standard for crowns because of their natural, lustrous appearance.

Dental Bonding

General dentists use white composite material to repair chips and cracks in teeth, restoring their appearance.

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges contain artificial teeth which are attached to healthy teeth on either side of a gap left by one or more missing teeth.


Tooth fillings fill in cavities left in teeth by decay and restore the tooth’s function.

Composite Fillings

Composite resin fillings are tooth-colored, making them an ideal alternative for patients concerned with a metal filling showing in their mouth.

Porcelain Fillings

Porcelain fillings can exactly match the color of your teeth, making them the most aesthetically pleasing option.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, is a safe sedative for people, including children, who are nervous about a dental procedure.


Dental sealants are thin coatings that make the chewing surface of molars smooth and easy to keep clean.

How Often Should I Visit a General Dental Office?

The American Dental Association recommends you see a dentist every six months for a routine exam. This allows your dentist to treat any minor problems he or she finds before they become painful and more expensive to treat. Your dentist may suggest you come in more often if you are at risk for certain oral health conditions.

How Much Does General Family Dentistry Cost?

It depends on whether you are having work done or a routine exam. If you have dental insurance, this will affect what you’ll pay. Please call for an appointment and we will estimate your cost before you come in.

How Do I Make a Dental Appointment?

If you’ve found us while looking for a general dentist near me, simply phone our office. We will set up an appointment for you when it’s convenient. If you need appointments for other family members, please let us know. We will schedule the appointments back-to-back for your convenience.

How Long Does the Average Dental Appointment Last?

If you are having a routine exam, your appointment can take up to an hour. If your appointment is for a specific procedure, we can often estimate how long it will take. Please ask if you are on a tight schedule, since we don’t want you to feel rushed or stressed.

How Do I Get Ready for a Dental Appointment?

We ask that you arrive on time. If it is your first appointment, you’ll fill out a medical history form. Please bring a list of your current prescription medications and your dental insurance information. If you feel anxious about visiting a dental office, please let us know. Many people feel this way and our team excels at putting people at ease.

What Will Happen If I Avoid Seeing a Dentist as an Adult?

Cavities are not just a kid’s dental disease. Adults get cavities too. If you avoid seeing a general dentist regularly, you could have a small cavity that gets larger and larger, until it becomes really painful. You could end up needing a root canal and a crown because you avoided routine exams. Preventative care can help you keep your natural teeth healthy and pain-free. Call our dental practice today to schedule an examination. We enjoy meeting new patients.

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