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No one likes to hear they need a tooth pulled, but a tooth extraction isn’t as bad as most people imagine. Taking out a tooth is a fast and nearly pain-free experience. Your dentist will numb your mouth, and in most cases, the pain you have been experiencing will stop quickly. A simple extraction usually only takes a little longer than a cleaning; it’s over before you know it.

How Much Will a Tooth Extraction Cost?

In order to provide you with an accurate estimate, our dentist would have to examine the tooth to see if you need a dental or surgical extraction. Additionally, your total cost is determined by how difficult the extraction is and whether you have dental insurance to cover all or part of the cost.

How Are Dental Extractions Different from Surgical Extractions?

Dentists do dental extractions when they can pull the tooth out easily with a pair of forceps. If you need a surgical extraction, an oral surgeon will have to cut an incision in your gum to access and remove the tooth. We will refer you to a skilled, local oral surgeon if necessary.

When Is It Impossible to Avoid Getting a Tooth Pulled?

Often, patients come in with decay that is so severe that the only option is to pull the tooth. An accident resulting in severe tooth trauma or cases of advanced gum disease may also make it impossible to save a tooth.

Will a Dentist Pull My Tooth If It’s Badly Damaged, Cracked or Decayed?

Our dentist might recommend tooth removal if you have a tooth badly damaged by decay or trauma. He or she will see if a root canal can save your tooth first, but it may not be possible. An extraction will stop the pain. Contact our office if you need a dentist who can make your extraction virtually pain-free.

Why Would a Dentist Recommend Pulling a Baby Tooth?

Your dentist may suggest a baby tooth extraction if the tooth refuses to make way for the permanent tooth which is trying to emerge. He or she may also recommend an extraction if a badly decayed or fractured baby tooth is causing your child pain. Our team excels at treating children with patience and kindness, making the experience as fast and pain-free as possible. Please call us today if your child needs a tooth taken out.

If My Teeth Are Loose from Gum Disease, Do They Have to be Pulled?

Periodontal disease can cause your teeth to loosen as the bacteria eats away at the ligaments, bone and gum tissue holding your teeth in place. If your teeth are loose, please call our office and make an appointment for an exam.

Why Are Wisdom Teeth Extractions so Common?

Wisdom teeth usually appear between ages 18-25. There are four wisdom teeth, two on the top and two on the bottom, in the very back of your mouth. Years ago, they were needed for chewing a coarse diet, but our diet has evolved and our jaws have gotten smaller as a result.

Unfortunately, wisdom teeth still try to come in and there usually isn’t room for them. In a smaller jaw, the teeth will come in at an angle and damage nearby molars. Sometimes, they can’t even break through the gums. Our dentist can remove them if they emerged already, or an oral surgeon can remove them if they are impacted, meaning they sit below the gums still.

Why Are Crowded Adult Teeth a Problem?

Crowded teeth are more than an aesthetic problem. They can lead to a number of problems, including problems chewing and decay because they are difficult to keep clean. Braces can straighten the teeth, but our dentist may need to remove a few teeth to allow the other teeth more room to straighten out.

What Do I Have to Do After a Tooth Extraction?

After you have a tooth pulled, your dentist will give you detailed instructions for aftercare. Typically, you’ll take it easy for a day and be careful not to disturb the blood clot which forms at the extraction site. You can’t use a straw, smoke or do anything which may cause suction and dislodge the clot. You can usually control minor discomfort and swelling with OTC pain relievers and ice as directed by your dentist.

How Long Will Tooth Extraction Healing Take?

You can engage in light to moderate activities one day after resting for the first 24 hours following your procedure. Your dentist will tell you when it’s okay to resume strenuous activities. Molars and surgical extractions will take more time to heal.

If you need a tooth extraction in Gilbert, please telephone us to make an appointment. Our dentist will discuss extraction alternatives with you if you have any available, and if needed, other tooth replacement options.

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